The Ultimate Personal Development
Feel elegance in movement, body language and mind. That’s Somatic Intelligence Coaching.
First class leadership development in a unique style.
Feel the Difference
It’s about personality development. On both a physical and intellectual level. For leading personalities and high performers. For individuals and within the business environment.
Move - Change - Perform
Learning is movement. Movement is change. Change yourself. Learn how your innate skills can be developed into highly refined competences.
We have the appropriate programs for you.
You will get what you want
We are the learning experts. Authentic and motivating. With us you will experience
self-perception, well-being and appreciation. Individually supported and on an equal footing.
Advanced leadership development.
For high performer und top manager.
Leadership development is a „must“ for today’s leaders and high performers. We can support you by providing alternatives to increase your awareness and performance. And to activate your potential to develop your uniqueness. With Somatic Intelligence Coaching.
If you know what you are doing,
you can do what you want ...
Moshè Feldenkrais
You have the goals, we have the advisory competence. For movement, coaching and consulting. For individuals, executives and managers.
Strengthen your physical and mental agility. In individual lessons you will learn to develop alternatives for your actions, which in turn will help you gain more self-confidence and vitality and reach higher levels of performance. We will work together in places of your choice to activate your natural learning capability.
Lifestyle Retreats
Get more flexible and relaxed. And realize how your physical well-being can influence your intellectual competence. During individual and group lessons you will learn to develop alternatives for action, physically and mentally.
The objective is your authenticity. We will offer open programs in exclusive health resorts and hideaways. Among peers, with absolute discretion.
Professional Performance
Enlarge your leadership competences and move your intentions directly into actions. We will offer support for self-reflection, change of perspectives and inspiration. And we will integrate your management topics into your current business topics. You will define when and where.
We will offer you effective measures to support personal health and performance of your staff and managers. In order to prevent stress and burnout.
Culture Change
We will plan and develop individual corporate culture change programs for your organization. And we will implement them on site, for you and with you.
Sensing, thinking, feeling, moving. These are the four elements of each action. They influence each other. Somatic Intelligence Coaching uses this interdependency and allows holistic and innovative learning.
Everybody is unique. How we act, how we move, how we speak and how we think - this is how we learned early in our lives. These mental and physical habits can be changed, so that they effectively fit your personality.
More than twenty years of experience in international consulting, top management development, strategy development and management coaching. And beyond that, extensive experience with the Feldenkrais Method.

Performance Orientation - Leadership Responsibility - Permanent Changes And Challenges - Professional And Private

That is when it is necessary to find the balance between performance and a healthy lifestyle.
I will present you possibilities of changing personal mental and physical habits in order to make them more adequate and to fit better to your individual personality. The results are improved charisma and communication ability, higher performance, authenticity and vitality.

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Isle of Santa Maria - Sardinia/Italy, 7 days
This open retreat, designed for executives and entrepreneurs,
is an intensive personal learning campus to create real Fresh Thinking.
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