Somatic Intelligence Coaching
elegance in movement,
body language and intellect
Each action will be explored in movement. How your movements will be perceived by your counterpart depends on you. Start to use your physical learning ability in order to strengthen your intellectual competence. Our coaching is based on the latest insights of brain research and the techniques of the Feldenkrais Method.
We are interested in your leading competences, in your individual management style. We want to support you in changing your most complicated leadership challenges into exceptional performances. The more actionable alternatives you have, the easier it is to meet your challenges. And you will be able to motivate and lead others authentically.
What are you good at? And how do you want to improve? On the basis of economic psychological and business methods we analyze interpersonal and organizational challenges together with you. We develop solutions and action alternatives by matching your individual needs and expectations.
Irene Heck
Who has more physical and cognitive alternatives for action is flexible and efficient. The most important prerequisite to learn new alternatives for action is a distinct physical self awareness. Because it needs a permanent adaption of behaviors - movements, language and attitudes - that have been acquired over a long time of learning.
Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais (1904 -1984)
physicist, engineer, martial arts practitioner,
educator and researcher
The Feldenkrais Method is a unique and revolutionary approach to the understanding of human learning, movement and function. Its focus is on the practical development of one’s own individual potential and ability. The Feldenkrais Method is practiced by using two techniques: Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration.
The Feldenkrais Practitioner leads a group through verbally guided movement lessons. You will be carrying out the movements at your own pace, with enough time to explore them on your own, to ensure that the learning process is always comfortable. The effects of the lessons are profound and give an increased sense of well-being while creating more scope for spontaneity. You learn to improve the way you organize your actions. These lessons cover a wide range of human movement, from infant development to high-level performance abilities.
FI is an individualized, hands-on, mostly non-verbal, one‑to‑one learning process. You are guided through sequences of movements by the practitioner, providing you with the ability to effectively put your new skills into everyday practice. The technique is non-invasive, sensitive, and precise.
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In five steps to success

What do you want to achieve? How do you want to improve? And in which areas? Together we will define your goals and the necessary actions.

Current situation

During confidential conversations and on-site analysis we are going to help you to evaluate your current performance more precisely.

Feedback and program choice

What has to be changed? What can you build on? Together we define key actions that lead to improved performance.


We will implement the individually developed program and will continuously monitor your progress.


Did you reach what you had intended? Together we will reflect on the effectiveness of the actions developed from your process, based on the success factors defined in advance.

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